All over now far too soon -just like Christmas!

Thank you for coming to support our show, which went so well.

It’s a typical family Christmas – what can possibly go wrong?

This critically-acclaimed comedy classic from one of Britain’s most popular writers invited you to the annual gathering of the dysfunctional Bunker family – it was mayhem on a truly festive scale.

See below for photographs of the cast taken by our wonderful photographer, Andy Abbott, of Abbott Photography. We are so grateful to him for his continued support.

Neville and Belinda have a houseful of relatives and friends as they prepare to celebrate their traditional Christmas holiday. Neville is only interested in his gadgets, hopeless Uncle Bernard is getting ready to do his puppet show, tipsy Aunt Phyllis is causing chaos in the kitchen and bloodthirsty Uncle Harvey has given all the children weapons. Meanwhile Belinda tries to hold it all together – until a stranger arrives and everything changes.

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This amateur production of Season’s Greetings is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd on behalf of Samuel French Ltd


Neville Ben Child

Belinda Alice Sheepshanks

Bernard Simon Spence

Harvey Ashley Seaborne

Phyillis Sian Couture

Rachel Nicola Stapleton

Pattie Abigail Hardman

Clive Craig Fisher

Eddie Steve Whitaker


Director Christian Jenner

Stage Manager Darian Vomund

Backstage Manager Patrick Yardy

Set design and build Marcus Eustace at SETS

Props Elizabeth William

Props/Set David Dodson

Prompt Terry Angling

Lighting Kate "Sky" Skylar

Sound Chris Last

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